Sunday, September 8, 2013

Feasts of the Lord

After careful study and prayerful consideration, our family decided to begin acknowledging the Feasts of the Lord. We recognize that these appointed feasts are Holy Days that God intended for His children to observe. Though Scripture no longer requires it of us, we are choosing to celebrate them and teach them to our children as a way to honor God, grow closer to Him, and see how God's prophetic plan of redemption has been fulfilled in the spring feasts and will be fulfilled in the fall feasts.  The Feast of Trumpets began at sundown on September 4. After explaining the significance of this feast to our children, we lit candles, listened to the shofar being blown (online), then reflected on our own sins and prayed for forgiveness. We made a loaf of challah in the shape of a crown, too. The kids decided they wanted to have challah every week. My son pointed out that we would have to skip the challah on the Feast of Unleavened Bread, of course, because challah has leavening in it.


Week One with My Father's World: Exploring Countries and Cultures

We had a great first week of school with our new curriculum: Exploring Countries and Cultures by My Father's World. These first couple of weeks are an introduction to world geography and cultures. We also brought in a new science curriculum by Apologia. The kids love it. They each keep a notebook and do plenty of experiments which keeps them engaged and awake. Best of all, it's God-honoring and easy to implement.  Here are a few pics from our first week:

Book Basket Time

Setting Up Density Experiment

Results of Density Experiment

John 3:16 Poster

Bible Time

Geo Puzzles (while listening to
classical music) 

Geo Puzzles (each country is its own
piece, which is helpful in identifying them)
Geo Puzzles (best map puzzles around
and made right here in Neenah!)

Working on Geography Vocabulary Cards

Geography Vocabulary Card

Reading Chronicles of Narnia:
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Chemical Reaction Experiment