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It's been a long, bumpy road from where I started to where I am now, and I won't even begin to list all the "hard knocks" lessons I've learned along the way---most of those are between me and Yahweh! Suffice it to say that once I truly dedicated my life to Him, my life has flourished, my purpose is being revealed, and my love and joy for Him and in Him grows daily!

I am a retired elementary teacher; I taught in public schools for 11 years. God led me to a wonderful Christian husband who is a  loving father and is as handsome inside as he is on the outside. We have two beautiful gifts: a son and a daughter, three years apart. I am thrilled that both our children have accepted Christ as their Savior and that their relationship with Him is growing daily. We are also part of a Christ-honoring extended family. Though my parents have recently passed away, my in-laws are a rich blessing to me.

I was still teaching in public school when I became pregnant with my daughter. At that time, my husband and I both decided we would do whatever we could to allow me to stay at home. It wasn't always easy and money was tight, but God provided and we've never regretted that decision (or "calling" I should say) and we wouldn't trade our lives with any two-career families out there.  Wealth is relative, (right?), and we are wealthy in so many ways: we have close relationships with our children, our family time is pleasant and relaxed, our children look to us for their values rather than their peers, we know exactly what our children have done the last six hours of each day, and I, as a homemaker and home-teacher, have the time to create an appealing atmosphere at home to encourage, stimulate, protect and soothe. As Christians, my husband and I both try to provide a religious atmosphere in our home, too. I don't mean just teaching about our faith, but also living it, having God be the center of our lives.

As a stay-at-home mom, I initially had no ambitions to homeschool my children. I attended and taught in public schools and knew that I didn't want our children to attend them, as did my husband. However, we thought Christian schools would be just fine for us. As it turned out, the Christian education our children were receiving did not meet our expectations, so we pulled them out and I began homeschooling in November of 2009. I am SO GLAD that God led us down this path. I know He is using me to accomplish His plans. It is my great joy to serve Him as a homeschooling mom and strive to lean on Him daily for His guidance.  I count on His promise in Proverbs 22:6, Teach a youth about the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

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