Sunday, February 19, 2012

Music Appreciation

One of the many things I'm grateful for growing up was that my parents saw to it that I had music lessons, despite the fact that neither of them were musically trained. To this day, I enjoy being able to play for the pure pleasure of it. It is therapeutic, it is encouraging to others, and it is good for your brain!

I wanted my children to know the joy of music also---to be able to play an instrument or two,

to read music, to learn of the classical composers and develop an appreciation of God's wonderful gift of music.

Now that they are older, I am so pleased that they are using their gifts/knowledge to serve others. We encourage them to play when service opportunities present themselves, such as...
participating in worship service at church
devoting time at a nursing home

glorifying God within the community (at local library)

I hope they always remember that their gifts are God-given and are to be used for His glory, not their own glory.

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