Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Curriculum Planning

After visiting the boards over at My Father's World, I came across a couple of different posts that immediately caught my eye. Two very nice ladies (Jen from GA and Jennifer from FL) shared their schedules which align episodes from the Planet Earth DVD series with the weeks of study topics in MFW's Exploring Countries and Cultures. We happen to own the Planet Earth series, so I am thrilled to be able to incorporate them with our new curriculum. Here are the two schedules, which vary slightly:

Weeks 5-6 Mexico: "Deserts" Disc 2 Episode 2
Weeks 9-11 Brazil: "Jungles" Disc 3 Episode 2
Weeks 12-13 Norway: "Seasonal Forests" Disc 4 Episode 1
Weeks 14-15 France: "Caves" Disc 2 Episode 1
Weeks 16-17 Germany: "Fresh Water" Disc 1 Episode 3
Weeks 18-20 Kenya: "Great Plains" Disc 3 Episode 1
Weeks 23-24 India: "Mountains" Disc 1 Episode 2
Weeks 27-28 Japan: "Ocean Deep" Disc 4 Episode 2
Weeks 29-30 Russia: "Ice Worlds" Disc 2 Episode 3
Weeks 31-32 Australia: "Shallow Seas" Disc 3 Episode 3
Weeks 33-34 Antarctica: "From Pole to Pole" Disc 1 Episode 1

From Pole to Pole (Intro)
Mountains (India/China)
Fresh Water (Canada/Brazil)
Caves (Wonderful Episode...we viewed it during South America)
Deserts (U.S./Mexico/Saudi Arabia)
Ice Worlds (Russia/Antarctica)
Great Plains (Kenya)
Jungles (Brazil)
Shallow Seas (Australia?)
Seasonal Forests (Norway/Germany)
Ocean Deep (Japan)
Saving Species (France)
Into the Wilderness (Antarctica)
Living Together (France)

Many thanks to Jen and Jennifer!

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